Gain Identity

Who am I?  It is one of the oldest questions in existence, and possibly the most used. Everyone has asked this question, and not just once —maybe not every day; maybe not every month, nor perhaps every year—but frequently. We may not have it answered for a while, but then, out of nowhere, it reappears. Does it indicate a problem? Perhaps, but not necessarily. It could indicate the time to grow deeper — to move further down the road. After all, the journey of identity is lifelong.

At LifePractical, we discover your answers to the Who am I? question. We discover the various parts, then balance and blend them into a cohesive unit. Who you are is the greatest asset that you bring to the planet. Who you are generates what you do. Who you are shapes how you love, enliven, encourage, and confront.

Every great musician understands his or her instrument in order to play it well. At LifePractical, our goal is for you to understand your full identity, so that you can use it well and to the utmost.

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